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One area we help many of our clients is with Bookkeeping Services.

As a Firm that uses QuickBooks Online (QBO) ProAdvisor we can offer you discounts on your QBO subscription.

We can help you: 

  • Initially set up or Organize/Clean your QBO Account

  • Effortlessly manage your work so you don't miss a deadline with features such as:

    • Payroll (auto payroll with direct deposit) and payroll taxes (state and federal)

    • Sales Taxes (if applicable)

    • Recurring Transactions

  • ​Connecting Bank Accounts
  • Reconciliation

  • Strategic data organization with lists such as

    • Tags​

    • Classes

    • Locations

    • Departments

    • Products/Services

    • Custom Fields

    • Chart of Accounts

  • QBO Training

  • QBO Financial Reports

Process Efficiency and Optimization Consulting

 Another powerful support area is with Process Efficiency and Optimization Consulting.  This Service is often Project Based and starts with a proposal with an overall look at the project and a Not to Exceed price for a period of time while we test and implement the appropriate web-based solutions for your business needs. Often our goal is to reduce the number of steps you are taking in the work-flow process that is your business. For example, how many times you are writing or entering a clients address or information about a project or an order from the time you first receive information to the time the project/order is complete. An important aspect of this work is to find web-based solutions that integrate well with each other so you can work at ease. This is such a broad based area and really depends on your objectives and web-based solutions available at the time we embark on this journey. 

Business Administration Support

As a natural evolution from our expertise and especially after starting bookkeeping or Process Efficiency Consulting we find ourselves helping in many other ways that we refer to as Business Administration Support. This can include things like:

  • Technical Support

  • Business research and problem solving

  • Support with business process, for example:

    • Proposals​

    • Supporting and maintaining web-based process (for what ever your business does)

  • Human Resource Support

  • Communication and Correspondence

  • Bill pay (through

  • Additional Services with QBO and other integrated services

    • Time tracking (through Tsheets)

    • Projects

    • Invoicing and help with integrating payment processing

    • Custom Forms

Blucat Consulting, LLC provides these Services from Michigan to Clients around the country remotely. Once retained for certain projects we will travel to the Clients site as part of the initial setup/organization and to really understand the clients organization, staff and needs.


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